BIM Research Day at buildingSMART BIM WEEK 2013

9 Oct. 2013, 09:00 – 18:20, Technische Universität München

During the buildingSMART BIM Week takes place the research day at the Technical University of Munich. The event is organized distributed by the Technical University of Munich and the Technical University of Dresden on 2 sessions throughout the day. In the morning, the TUM presents the field of Building Information Modeling at the technical universities all over Germany. In the afternoon, the TU Dresden presents with the theme "BIM for energy-efficient buildings" a joint workshop of the EU Project HESMOS - ISES - eeEmbedded - SARA

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Research Day Part 1
at the BuildingSMART BIM week 2013

At TU München we offer presentations in the filed of Building Information Modeling at the technical universities all over Germany. They will give a insight in the broad field of research in BIM, that the members of the Working Group "Bauinformatik" are elaborating

Location: Technische Universität München TUM
Theresienstr/Arcisstr., 1713, Fakultätszimmer Bau Geo Umwelt

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Date/Time: 9 Oct. 2013, 09:00 – 12:00
General contact:

Programme Committee
Christoph Langenhan
Gerhard Schubert
Zhihang Yao
Vasco Varduhn
Markus König
Ludwig Hoegner
TU München
TU München                                                
TU München
TU München
RU Bochum
TU München

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Research Day Part 2 - Workshop
BIM for energy-efficient buildings
Joint Workshop of the EU Projects HESMOS – ISES – eeEmbedded  
at the BuildingSMART BIM week 2013

Location:             Technische Universität München
​Theresienstr/Arcisstr., 1713, Fakultätszimmer Bau Geo Umwelt
Anfahrt/Arriv. descrip. : siehe Dokumente anbei / see doc. below

Date/Time:           9 Oct. 2013, 14:00 – 18:20
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The use of BIM for cross-domain tasks such as the achievement of efficient life-cycle energy and cost performance of a built facility requires consideration of multiple information resources generated, maintained and exploited by various actors over a large number of years (6D BIM). Such resources include climate data, occupancy/activity data, producer data regarding pre-fabricated or equipment components, stochastic approach for reliability and true sustainability and many more. Their management calls for an extended BIM-based information framework, ICT platforms providing open access to advanced ICT methods and flexible and holistic involvement of a broad range of end users in the overall process.
The workshop will present practical results and developed concepts from the European projects HESMOS ( 09/2010-12/2013) and ISES ( 06/2011-05/2014), addressing a number of aspects of the use of BIM for energy-efficient design and sustainable life-cycle management and BIM-integrated air-flow analysis from the Eurostar project SARA.

This includes the development of an energy-extended BIM platform (eeBIM), an enhanced Information Delivery (IDM/MVD) "BIM to energy" process and a set of advanced energy analysis, simulation, monitoring and cost estimation tools for various life-cycle phases, from early design to facility management, refurbishment and retrofitting, bound together in a common, interoperable BIM-based Virtual Energy Lab platform accessible via the Internet. Along with the presentation by speakers from industry and academia, live walk-through of the achieved results will be shown and insight to the strategic goals of the just started large European Integrated Project (IP) eeEmbedded (10/2013-09/2017) will be given. The presenting partners of the three projects feature a broad mix of academic institutions and BIM consultants, software vendors such as Nemetschek, RIB, DDS and SOFiSTiK, and industry partners from design (Obermeyer Planen + Beraten, Leonhardt, Andrä & Partner, Granlund Oy etc.) and construction (Royal BAM group, TRIMO Engineering, STRABAG AG), with special expertise in sustainable PPP project delivery.
Programme Committee
Tuomas Laine   
Thomas Liebich               
Günther Liersch
Wolfgang Müller
Jorulv Rangnes                
Raimar Scherer (Chair)
Bjørn Stangeland
Rasso Steinmann
Olof Granlund Oy, Helsinki, Finland
AEC3, Germany/UK
Obermeyer Planung + Beraten, Munich, Germany
RIB Software AG, Stuttgart, Germany
EPM Technology AS Jotne
Institute of Construction Informatics, TU Dresden, Germany
Data Design System ASA, Oslo, Norway
Nemetschek AG, Munich, Germany