"buildingSMART International CEO Communications" vom 01.03.2016

Richard Petrie, Hauptgeschäftsführer von buildingSMART International, gibt in seinem heutigen Rundschreiben einen kurzen Überblick, was in den ersten Wochen des neuen Jahres bei buildingSMART passiert ist.

A really strong start to 2016

2016 has started strongly. In January, Tokyo based Kajima Corporation joined our strategic advisory council, Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch Road and Water Authority, became a leading organisational member and a new chapter in Switzerland was established. In February a strategy meeting was held in London focussing on the buildingSMART Data Dictionary setting the direction for the future and buildingSMART took part in the CEN TC 442 meeting for the first time.

The importance of these new members is demonstrated in the quotes from their executives:

Hiroyoshi Koizumi, Representative Director & Executive Vice President of Kajima said: “We believe that digitisation within the industry is gathering pace and that the key enabling technologies developed by buildingSMART are critical to its future.”

Herman Winkels, Program Manager of Rijkswaterstaats BIM program said: “We need optimal data-sharing solutions based on open standards for design, construction and maintenance. International cooperation is in our vision essential to achieve this, since the market (IT wise and construction wise) is really an international one. Hence Rijkswaterstaat invests in bSI to share this vision and create the relevant open standards.”

Peter Scherer, Managing director of Bauen digital Schweiz, member of the board buildingSMART Chapter Switzerland said: “Following the creation of Bauen Digital Schweiz and the launch of buildingSMART Switzerland, we are moving into the next phase of implementation and development and ask our Swiss partners to play an active part in shaping these important changes.”

I am delighted with this growing momentum and commitment to development with buildingSMART.

The buildingSMART Data Dictionary business meeting was important, reaching key decisions which help ensure we present a clear proposition to potential users of both the IFC and the bSDD. A policy statement is to be drawn up to document the IFC/bSDD handover. A two way link is to be created so that bSDD can become the official tool to manage property sets and a quality management framework for entering content established.

We expect to work closely with CEN to take this forward and to this end I attended the CN meeting in Oslo.

A strong start which shows buildingSMART moving in the right direction.

Richard Petrie
Chief Executive buildingSMART International