Vortrag des "Airport Room" von buildingSMART InternationaI - Einladung zur Mitarbeit

Aus Anlass des Vortrags von Alexander Worp (auf Englisch) beim 21. buildingSMART-Forum am 27. Oktober 2017 im Ellington Hotel Berlin erinnern wir daran, dass auch deutsche Flughafenbetreiber, Fachplaner und Produkthersteller eingeladen sind, sich dem "Airport Room" von buildingSMART International anzuschließen. Die Arbeitsgruppe widmet sich der Erweiterung von IFC für den Flughafenbetrieb (Detail: siehe unten). Alexander Worp ist "Strategic Advisor BIM / Asset Management" bei Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam und einer der Leiter des "Airport Room".

Steering Committee Airport Room: 

  • Alex Worp, ASM Schiphol
  • Yannick Vos, ASM Schiphol
  • Rob Roef, BIM captain

Contact: airport@buildingsmart.org

The Airport Room will build on the outputs of the existing open BIM standards (buildingSMART Standards in particular), both geometric and non-geometrical.

The work undertaken:

  • Development of Airport OIR - Organisation Information Requirements;
    The coordination between the NON-user Rooms;
    Make use of the bSI Standards as a reference, not mandatory;
    Develop specific use cases and sharing knowledge – including and Use case & IDM – to learn and enhance;

The working group will organize and appoint Project Teams as well as hire Experts. The group is planning to meet at least once again before the next buildingSMART International Spring Summit in Paris 2018. Proposed dates for meeting are February 12-15, 2018 or February 19-23, 2018 and January for Web Conference.

A total of 10 work packages (WP) were defined:

  • WP1 Governance Document
    Create a strategic plan to be known as the ‘Airport Document' and provide a descriptive view of airport requirements (life cycle information, from design and construction till FM);
  • WP2-Roadmap
    Airport Room and Airport Ogranisations regarding BIM
  • WP3 Additions to classifications
    What are missing Assets in open Standards? Product Room could be involved in the further extension of ifc-Schema or the use of bSDD;
  • WP4 Simple guideline / Lessons learned
    Best practices & IDM (Information Delivery Manual)
  • WP5 Plain Language Questions
    What do we need to address;
  • WP6 Functional Requirements CDE
    Description of the Airport Owner, Operator and Maintainer’s needs.
  • WP 7 Define Use cases
    Handover data and where these data could be used;
  • WP 8 Model maintenance
    Data Monitoring and Workflows...
  • WP9 Product Data Templates
    Properties & Systems
  • WP10 Open Export & Import
    Exchange Information

Following WPs has been selected to start off with: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7.